Which finger is best for wearing an engagement ring or wedding ring?

There’s a lot of spirits and emotion wrapped in all that leads up to a wedding day. The last thing you want to worry regarding is whether you’re wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring on the right hand and finger leading up to and during the real wedding ceremony.

engagement ring finger

Traditionally, the engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But there are many stories about how you wear your engagement ring and your wedding ring in different parts of this journey.

Typically, brides will place their engagement ring on their right-hand ring finger for the ceremony, and this is so that your marriage band can be worn nearest to your heart. You can forever choose to move your ring back to your left hand after the ceremony.


  • How the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn
  • After the engagement, but before the wedding
  • During the wedding ceremony
  • After the wedding ceremony
  • How do people wear wedding and engagement rings
  • Conclusion

How the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn

Which finger is the wedding ring worn on? Typically, it can be located on the same finger as the engagement ring. But it gets a few complicated. The rings do some shifting, depending upon the circumstances. Here’s a quick and simple guide to which hand and finger your ring should be on.

After the engagement, but before the wedding

When a couple gets engaged, the ring presented acts as a promise of marriage. That’s why it belongs on the same hand and finger as the wedding ring. So somebody who is engagement — remember that men can wear engagement rings, too — wear those rings on the fourth finger of their left hand.

During the wedding ceremony

Although the engagement ring is typically worn on the left hand, the story is mixed up a bit during the actual wedding ceremony. Since the wedding band is usually worn closer to the heart, some couple chooses to wear the engagement ring on the right hand on the day of their ceremony.

That means the groom can slip the wedding band on the bride’s finger without having to move the engagement ring.

After the wedding ceremony

Once the real ceremony is over, most brides then change their engagement ring back over to the fourth finger of their left hand. For many women, it stays there, slipped on after the wedding ring every morning.

Friendly reminder that you shouldn’t sleep in your rings, no matter how many you love them because your fingers can swell and change sizes at night.

But that’s only the story. New couples are redefining old customs to suit their relationships. Likewise, women are mixing up these stories about engagement and wedding rings.

Discovering a new way to wear your rings can be an expression of your unique love as a couple. It’s not unusual to see women setting their style on how they wear their rings in a couple of different ways:

  • Keeping the engagement ring on their right hand
  • Wearing the engagement ring closer to their heart
  • Joining the engagement and wedding rings together into one piece of jewelry
  • Wearing their engagement ring only on extraordinary occasions

How do people wear wedding and engagement rings

The Wedding Ring

After marrying, Women regularly wear both the engagement and wedding rings.
It’s acceptable to wear a wedding ring alone, although that is a small common, and either way, both are always worn on the left ring finger.

Engagement Ring

Since Western cultures have accepted the above-mentioned age-old wife’s tale to be accurate, the newly-engaged have also taken to wearing the engagement ring on that left ring finger. Interestingly, multiple of the people in Europe who prefer to wear their wedding rings on the right hand’s ring finger, still wear their engagement ring on the left and then shift it over.

Promise Ring

The actual “promises” of a promise ring take many different forms like Commitment is a common idea here. But whether that Commitment is to a future engagement, abstinence until marriage, forever, or just the immediate future varies. But in any circumstance, now there’s a sign, a few steps up from a high school class ring, to the outside worlds.


All this goes to point out that there are many rules and traditions on the proper engagement ring finger depending on your region, culture, and faith.

All things thought of. There isn’t a right or wrong approach for wearing an engagement ring. In today’s modern world, you’ll be able to get as creative or unique as you wish. If you are using Gems Story education. And you will easily understand what is right for you.

Some people wear their engagement rings on their middle fingers, whereas others like their index fingers. Sometimes, it should be a lot of practice for you to wear your ring on a specific hand as per your lifestyle. For example, if you’re left-handed, wearing the ring on your right hand can provide. A lot of protection to the ring and keep it safer from impact and blows.

If you are using Gems Story education, and you will quickly understand what is right for you. The objective of Gems Story is to provide you the best quality content.

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