Which Diamond Cut Is Best?

Like all other trends, diamond shapes tend to collapse in popularity. One might fade away, while another becomes the popular choice of engagement ring shoppers everywhere. So though you might be admiring which diamond cut best, it depends on who you ask.

If you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone, it comes down to advantages. But if you want to know which diamond shapes are most famous right now, we have you covered.

Which diamond cut is best: Shapes by popularity

With Transparency, we offer the ten most popular diamond shapes, certified by GIA. While the correct term is a diamond shape, it is also assigned to as the “cut” of the diamond.

Round Shape Diamond


By far, the most popular cut is the Round Brilliant; with its fifty-seven correctly aligned facets, its brilliance does out-shine the others.

Total inner reflection is the key here; light travels through the stone, giving excellent sparkle and scintillation. You can’t go wrong with a brilliant round diamond, which will look outstanding in any setting, the right classic engagement ring.

Cushion Shape Diamond


In the past year, we have seen a vast rise in the popularity of the cushion cut diamond; it has passed the Princess shape in being the second most popular diamond shape.

Being a cross between the brilliant round and a princess, it is a softer square or rectangular shape, a little similar a cushion or pillow – hence the name of Our audience love a cushion shape diamond set into our scallop set halo engagement ring design.

Princess Shape Diamond


The Princess-cut diamond is next on our list, a real draw for those who are all around the angles. The square shape makes a contemporary feel to your diamond ring and can be set in either the square or compass point orientation.

We tend to set ours with what known as box claws to show off that 90-degree angle. The Princess cut continues a classic here in Hatton Garden.

Emerald Shape Diamond


The Emerald shape is one of the most timeless of all of the diamond cuts, and it is an elegant and beautiful ring, mainly because it’s recommended to aim for higher colors and clarities.

There is no hiding when it becomes an emerald cut. The style of cutting is what we describe step cut. It’s more of a hall of mirror effect than the total internal reflection that reaches from around if it’s good enough for Beyonce.

Oval Shape Diamond

Oval Shape Diamond

Another of the softer shapes is the oval; by doing slighter more extended than the round but having similar sparkle, it is a great choice to elongate the ring finger.

Ovals tend to be shaped from shallower diamonds to produce the most of the rough stone ~ there is nothing rough about this gorgeous shape of diamond though!

Marquise Shape Diamond

Marquise-Cut Diamond

If you see for something even longer, then the Marquise might be the one for you.

Carat for carat the Marquise has the largest surface area of any diamond shape, so it regularly looks incredible, from a 0.30ct to a 0.90ct stone, if you’re down on one knee with one of these bad boys, you’re sure to get the answer you’re looking for.

Pear Shape Diamond

Pear Shape Diamond

In 2016 we noticed a rise in the popularity of the pear-shaped diamond; whether set into a solitaire design or with pave shoulders, it is always a winner.

The pear is such an elegant shape, and it produces a degree of old-school glamour to your jewelry; with the bonus of some mill graining, it is modern-day vintage at it’s best.

Asscher Shape Diamond


Next, we get to the Asscher cut, which is a square variation on the emerald cut mentioned above.

Asscher’s have incredibly unique and mesmerizing reflections; it is an unusual cut with a shorter table and cropped corners that stand out when creating its way through our workshop.

Radiant Shape Diamond


The last of the angular shapes is the Radiant, cut between an emerald and brilliant, and you get a great combination of clean lines and brilliance.

This is one of the significant unusual shapes for us to sell, and when we do, it is more often than not in a fancy yellow color as the cut gets the most of a colored stone.

Heart Shape Diamond

Heart Shape

Last is my personal favorite, the heart-shaped diamond, and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, the heart shape has a small but dedicated fan base.

There is no misunderstanding the meaning behind a heart shape diamond. For me, a small halo of diamonds around the outside in a simple halo design is the most reliable way to show off this gorgeous diamond shape.

Which diamond cut is the best for us?

If you’re concerned about the ring-enhancing your hand.

Think elongated shapes, including the oval, emerald, and elongated cushion, which are super-trendy right now.

One reason why: They make your hands and fingers look longer and slimmer. The pear shape is also especially flattering and allows for real creativity in positioning and band choice.

If you’re concerned about the cost.

Bypass the round shape and go for an emerald shape. The round shape is more costly because more of the rough diamond lost in the crafting process.

Lightly rectangular princess shape diamonds also tend to be lower in cost and come with an environmental advantage, and they use up to 80% of the rough diamond.

If you are using Gems Story diamond-cut education. And you will easily understand what is right for you.

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