The Most Romantic and Perfect Proposal Guide

You and your spouse have 1,000,000 inside jokes — and you never run out of things to speak about. That’s one among The explanations why you know she’s “The One,” but there’s one problem: You’re adjourning the perfect proposal because you don’t know what to say.

We get it: Pulling off the perfect proposal is enough to terrify even the foremost cool, calm, and picked up person. But you already found out when to propose, so now it’s time to require action.

The Most Romantic and Perfect Proposal Guide

Are you destined to fumble through the proposal, just hoping to urge those words out? Nope! Here are some ways to return up with the perfect proposal.

Free-write the mentalities you love her — no editing allowed
There’s a reason why she’s the person you would like as your wife. Maybe she helped you see it’s okay to have emotions rather than being a tricky guy all the time. Or, perhaps, she inspired you to beat your fears and pursue your dreams.

Get those feelings out by simply writing out all the explanations you love her. Don’t worry about misspellings or sentences that aren’t grammatically correct — you’ll correct later. Just put pen to paper and get everything out there.

Tell him about the precise moment you realized he was the one for you
Sometimes there’s a defining moment that took your spouse from your boyfriend to The One. Maybe it had been the time he sat by your bedside once you were within the hospital. Or even it had been some random Sunday over coffee.

Use this moment because of the basis for your speech by telling the story of what you were doing and the way it helped “flip the switch” in your head.

Say what you love most about her

This one should be pretty easy. Pretend someone asked you what you love about your girlfriend and list out all the explanations why you love her. It is often as simple as loving her smile as poignant as how caring she is toward children.

Talk about your future together

By this point, you’ve discussed the chance of a future together. What does that look like? Maybe you would like three kids and a farm. Maybe you would like to travel the world. Or even you would like to close up and live on a beach in Costa Rica. Regardless of the future plans, use the proposal because the opportunity to speak about those plans — and the way doing them together is that the only option for you.

Simply say those four words they’re expecting

Maybe the simplest proposal is the simplest one among all. If you’re unsure you would like a drawn-out speech, do your best to find the proper moment and drop to at least one knee. She won’t remember a big speech, but she will remember once you say those magic words: “Will you marry me?”

Most of all, make sure you sound like you

It’s tempting to consult Google or social media for ideas on what you must say once you propose. That’s a mistake. While reading about other speeches can give you ideas, don’t crib those ideas for your own speech. The reason: It won’t sound such as you.

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