The Complete Guide For Purple Diamonds

Origin of Purple Diamond’s Color

Similar to other Fancy Color Diamonds, an impurity likely exists within the formation of purple diamonds. While there’s not consent on the cause of the purple gem’s hue, large amounts of hydrogen and boron are present within the stone.

The actual way these elements interact within the crystal possibility plays a role in forming its distinct purple shade. Some gemologists also consider that the pressure endured during the purple diamond’s voyage to the Earth’s mantle has influenced the stone’s hue.

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When looking for a purple diamond, search for one that’s not color-treated. If you’re unsure of the way to differentiate between a “pure” stone and a color-treated one, reach out to knowledgeable.

Purple Diamond’s Intensity Levels

Purple diamonds seem in several color intensity levels and follow the GIA grading scale for Fancy Diamonds. Because the richness and saturation of a purple diamond increase, so does its color grade.

The GIA grading scale is as follows:

Fancy Light
Very Light
Fancy Intense
Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark

In addition to predominantly purple stones, many purple diamonds include a secondary color or overtone. The foremost common secondary colors are pink, pinkish, and grayish. Some purple stones also exist in red and brown overtone colors.

Secondary colors usually detract from the general beauty and value of a diamond—with the exception of a purplish pink stone. Purplish pink diamonds are estimated even as valuable as predominantly pink stones, like this 0.79 Carat intense pink, purple diamond.

Color-enhanced purple diamonds will often display a better saturation and an orange fluorescence. If you’re unsure if a diamond is color-treated or natural, contact one of our experts for a knowledgeable opinion.

Purple Diamond’s Rarity and Prices

While purple diamonds aren’t as unique as other colors diamond-like red, pink, or blue, a pure purple diamond does pretty hard to deliver. The majority of a purple diamond is obtained with overtone colors. Very rarely do our clients buy a purple diamond with no overtone.

Purple stones with a modifying color like pink are also cost-effective than a “pure” purple. As an example, this 0.42 Carat Fancy Pink Purple Diamond Round Cut is priced at $15,210, and this 0.40 Carat Fancy Deep Pinkish Purple Cushion Cut is priced at $38,100.

Though it’s challenging to search out a “pure” purple diamond on the market, on a rare occasion, and even for several with a secondary

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