The Complete Guide For Green Diamonds

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Origin of Green Diamond’s Color

The color of a green diamonds originates from the exposure to radioactivity and, therefore, the atomic radiation that the stone endured over many years. Even though the green color may be a result of exposure to radioactivity, there’s no need to worry, as holding the stone isn’t dangerous in the least. The formation process, however, is incredibly rare, resulting in a colored diamond that’s extremely tough to obtain.

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In order to form identifying a real green diamond easier, some polishers have taken to leaving what’s called a “Natural” on the girdle of the stone. A “Natural” is an unpolished area between the girdle and pavilion, showing the natural color of the rough. This mark allows gemologists assessing the stone to recognize the color as natural and supply the diamond with appropriate certification.

Green Diamond’s Intensity Levels

Green diamonds range from a light-weight green to a rich, deep hue. Here’s a shocking example of a green diamond at its finest. A green diamond’s color grade is predicated on both the colors of the stone and, therefore, the color intensity level.

The GIA grades green diamonds on the subsequent scale:

Faint Green
Very Light Green
Fancy Green
Fancy Light Green
Light Green
Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid and Fancy Deep

Pure green diamonds are preferred, but most of the stones include secondary colors. These colors are often one or maybe two of the subsequent hues: yellow, yellowish, blue, bluish, brown, brownish, gray, grayish, gray yellowish and grayish yellowish.

Green Diamond’s Rarity and Costs

The green diamond is considered one among the rarer colors within the fancy Diamond world. In fact, the only colors that are harder to search out are red, pink, blue, violet, and orange. Due to green’s extreme rarity, these diamonds are often far pricier than other colored diamonds. Even though green diamonds are technically less rare than a pink diamond, it’s still harder to source an honest quality fancy green diamond.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean nixing the thought of owning a green diamond, though. In fact, often, a really light green diamond contains a pleasant tint that adds uniqueness to the stone without breaking the bank. As an example, this 1.72 Carat round diamond was relatively affordable within the green diamond world.

Overall, the costs of green diamonds range greatly, looking at their size, shape, color, quality, and source.

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