How to choose the perfect diamonds easily

When looking to buy a diamond, you must know how to choose the perfect diamond. While some people prefer gemstones or rough diamonds, classic diamonds are still the most popular stones in the market. And therefore you need to understand everything about them.


There are 7 most important steps to get the best diamond

Pick your Carat Weight Range

The carat weight range is probably the most important thing to consider. When purchasing a diamond, as compared to all other factors. The weight of the carat has the most impact on the price of the diamond.

Diamond carat often misunderstood and refers to the weight of a diamond, not necessarily its size. When comparing the size of a diamond carat, keep the diamond cut in mind as well. A high carat diamond with a poor cut grade can often look smaller than a diamond with the smaller carat weight and a better cut. Use our buying tips, diamond care size chart and expert tips to help you choose the best diamond carat weight for you.

The weight of the carat is of paramount importance as it is the one that will primarily determine. The size of the diamond you buy (the average diamond size people buy). It depends on you whether you will take a 2-carat diamond or 0.50-carat diamond.

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. 0.20 grams is equal to one carat. The larger the carat, the more important the diamond, although the other “C” can significantly affect the final value.

Pick your Diamond Shape

The second most significant issue you’ll need to make sense of. When purchasing a precious stone is what jewel shape is your better half anticipating? The response to this inquiry is a matter of style. There’s no figuring you can make that will reveal to you what needs.

To start, find out what shape she likes. The most popular diamond shapes include round, oval, princess-cut, emerald-cut, Asscher-cut, marquise-cut, radiant-cut, pear-shaped, and heart-shaped diamonds.

Pick the Cut Quality

The cutting of a diamond has a great effect on its brightness, also known as glitter. Even with the right color and clarity, a poorly cut can make a diamond look dull. We carry only Very Good, Ideal, and Fair Cut Diamonds, which add a lot of sparkles.

The quality of the cut will also have a significant impact on the cost of the diamond. Selecting the cut quality can be difficult, however, the cut grade has not been standardized at all across different vendors.

An ideal cut diamond is an all-around (also known as luxurious) or princess cut diamond cut in ideal proportions. And angles and has excellent polish and uniformity. Describes the finish, proportions, and polish of the diamond. These factors determine the fire and sparkle of the diamond.

Pick the Ideal Color Grade

More than the clarity of the diamond. Both the appearance and price of the diamond have a serious impact on the color of the diamond.

In white to yellow, diamonds receive a grade for their amount of color. And diamond buyers prefer colorless to colorless diamonds, with diamonds J, K, and L providing the best value for the customer’s money.

Pick the Optimal Clarity Grade

Describes the purity or cleanness of the diamond. Each diamond is assigned a grade, with the “F” representing a lossless diamond, describing a diamond that contains it. Most diamonds can found in various grades between “F” and “I”. Diamond purchasers will sometimes choose a gemstone with some extracts until they are well visible to the naked eye.

Select on Smart Choices about Fluorescence, Polish and Symmetry

These will likewise influence a stone’s worth (yet not really its appearance) somewhat, albeit significantly less so than the components referenced previously. For a top to the bottom exchange of every one of these three elements. It would be ideal if you see these individual articles: Fluorescence, Polish, and Symmetry.

Pick the Right Certificate

You should only consider AGS certified diamonds and GIA certified diamonds.
You should avoid IGI, EGL, and HRD Certified jewels. Since we have found as far as we can tell that their outcomes can’t be depended upon because of their predictable irregularity in evaluating.

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