How To Avoid Lab Diamond Buying Mistakes

When it involves finding a symbol of love, many have succumbed to gift real diamonds. Nowadays, an increasing number of couples are choosing to shop for lab-grown diamonds, even when it involves finding a diamond engagement ring. Most couples either prefer not to spend what it costs to have a natural diamond, or they need ethical concerns regarding how natural diamonds are procured.

With that being said, most diamond buyers seemingly cannot tell the difference between a naturally mined diamond and a lab-created diamond with the naked eye.

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When observing laboratory-grown diamonds, you ought to know that these stones are made from a similar carbon as natural diamonds. The difference between a created and a natural diamond is how they’re made, not what they’re made from.

Side note, cubic zirconia isn’t a lab diamond, it’s a synthetic diamond. With much misinformation call at the world, lab-created diamonds have similar durability, sparkle, and strength as natural diamonds. Therefore lab diamonds have similar chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds.

How to Vet a Jeweler

You want to try and do your due diligence when picking a reputable jeweler. As an example, ensuring to read reviews and customer testimonials. Never hesitate to ask the important jeweler questions on policies, returns, and warranties. Make sure that the service they supply before, during, and after your purchase is as top-notch because it should be.

How Important is Diamond Certification?

When buying a lab-created diamond, you would like to appear for an IGI (International Gemological Institute) certification.

An IGI certificate will provide information on aspects of the diamond, which will allow you to efficiently compare the diamonds you’ve got in mind. Moreover, the IGI certification will provide detailed information, including carat weight and cut. Considering the aforementioned are the foremost important features that will impact the value of a diamond, the “4 C’s” of diamonds ask the carat, cut, color, and clarity.

An indicator of an IGI certificate is by the yellow color of the report. Furthermore, on the diamond, the amount of laser inscribed should match the one on the report. During this paper, IGI experts will identify the cut and shape of the diamond.

They’ll also provide the carat weight, a color grade, and a clarity grade. Comparing these aspects of the diamonds should assist you in determining the worth you’re getting for the worth you’re presented and allow you to work out your diamond purchase while working within your budget.

It is worth noting. You would like to form certain your understanding of how the carat weight, cut, color, and clarity grades of your lab-created diamond can impact your price also, as realize the specs of a diamond’s polish, fluorescence, symmetry, and proportions of a diamond.

What is the Resale Value of a Lab Grown Diamond?

Although many of us consider the resale value of natural diamonds, created diamonds don’t have a similar value within the marketplace. Do you have to worry about the resale value of a person made stone? Within the circumstance, once you aren’t purchasing a person made diamond for ethical or financial reasons. The foremost important idea is people buy diamonds, whether natural or lab, as a symbol of their love and commitment.

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