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The Complete Information About Ethical Engagement Rings

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What is an Ethical Engagement Ring? An ethical engagement ring highlights an ethical diamond and a setting made from recycled metal. Ethical engagement rings are manufactured with a low force on the environment and don’t violate any human rights. There are some options for finding an ethical diamond, including CDCC-compliant Canadian diamonds, recycled diamonds, and […]

Tim Tebow Proposed To Fiancée Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters With Engagement Ring


New York Mets ballplayer Tim Tebow, 31, proposed to Miss Universe 2017 girlfriend Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, 23, on Jan. 9, and her engagement ring is huge. We learned EXCLUSIVE details about the gorgeous rock. It could’ve cost upwards of $600,000! Demi-Leigh’s engagement ring may be a classic ideal-cut 7.25-carat round diamond that’s during an elegant platinum […]

Floyd Mayweather Engagement Ring

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Floyd Mayweather engagement ring is, without a doubt, one among the richest athletes within the world. And he not shy to point out it, his nickname is ‘Money,’ and his promotional company is known as ‘TMT,’ which is an acronym of ‘The Money Team.’ He was ranked #1 within the Forbes highest-earning athletes, having earned […]

Best Engagement Rings and Guide for Second Marriages

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Nowadays, it’s quite common to urge engaged numerous times. But is there separate etiquette to follow when buying a ring for a second engagement? Although there are not any hard and fast rules to ring etiquette, couples marrying for the second time might choose a more understated engagement rings or prefer to replace the marriage […]

Best Antique Style Engagement Rings that perfectly Blend the Old and the New

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If looking for a ring with a rich history and show-stoppingly intricate design, consider antique engagement rings or antique style engagement rings. With all the jumbled words, the terminology around antique engagement ring styles is often confusing. Antique engagement rings are rings that are made over 100 years ago. Vintage engagement rings are different. This […]

What Are Filigree Engagement Rings?

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement rings are often considered as having an intricate, ornamental design that’s formed from metal. Within the world of jewelry, the meaning of filigree is extremely distinct. An embellishment, during which a delicate, pliable, fine, thread of precious metal is used with either platinum or palladium, curled, or twisted into a specific design, then […]

Why Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Why Men Wear Engagement Rings?

The practice of presenting engagement rings dates back many years, consistent with the American Gem Society. In 1477, it believed that Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement ring for his fiance, Mary of Burgundy. Why can we Wear Engagement Rings? The engagement ring trend took faraway from there, with men presenting women […]

Best Engagement Rings for Athletic Women

Best Engagement Rings for Athletic Women

Athletic women and men both have long ago had the reputation of being strong, tough, and, occasionally, rambunctious. They certainly provide it they’re all, despite what their favorite sport or activity may be. That’s why your special athlete deserves it all in the palm of her hand, or during this case, on her finger, both […]

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

There are few things more mesmerizing than watching your diamond engagement ring sparkle. And dance within the light after it has been freshly polished and cleaned. It’s only natural to require to take care of that bling. And while you’ll always make it into a jeweler for professional cleaning. It’s nice to understand the way […]

Emma Stone Engaged To Boyfriend Dave McCary Shows Her Engagement Ring

Emma Stone engagement ring

Emma Stone’s fiance Dave McCary shared an image of the two smiling for the camera and showing off the large diamond ring that sealed their engagement. Oscar-winning actor Emma Stone is finally engaged to longtime boyfriend and writer Dave McCary because the latter shared the news on his Instagram handle with an image as proof. […]