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Orange Color Diamond

Orange Color Diamond

Origin of Orange Diamond’s Color Orange Color Diamond: The presence of nitrogen within the diamond is that the main source of the orange color, even as it’s for yellow stones. The variation between orange and yellow diamonds is how the nitrogen atoms are grouped during the diamond’s formation. The arrangement, which is called hyper-specific, absorbs […]

A Complete Guide For SI2 Clarity Diamonds

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SI2 clarity diamonds will assuredly have inclusion. Sometime SI2 clarity diamonds imperfection will be visible to the naked eye, and sometime SI2 clarity diamonds will only visible under magnification. We estimate that about 70% of SI2 clarity diamonds won’t be eye-clean. That’s why the goal is to search out one among the 30% of SI2s […]

The Complete Guide For Chameleon Diamonds

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Origin of Chameleon Diamond’s Color Chameleon diamonds first noticed in 1743. Since then, chameleon diamond has received a category of their own and are considered more unique and valuable than a similar colored diamond that doesn’t change color. Gemologists still aren’t certain on what causes the chameleon to embody its unique color-changing characteristics. High concentrations […]

A Complete Guide For SI1 Clarity Diamonds

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SI1 Clarity Diamonds, when buying a diamond, you’ll get to consider its Clarity—one of the 4 C’s of diamonds. Clarity suggests to the blemishes and inclusions a diamond has. Most diamonds on the market are included, meaning there are small blemishes or imperfections within the stone. Some of these flaws are apparent, while others are […]

The Complete Guide For Purple Diamonds

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Origin of Purple Diamond’s Color Similar to other Fancy Color Diamonds, an impurity likely exists within the formation of purple diamonds. While there’s not consent on the cause of the purple gem’s hue, large amounts of hydrogen and boron are present within the stone. The actual way these elements interact within the crystal possibility plays […]

The Complete Guide For Green Diamonds

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Origin of Green Diamond’s Color The color of a green diamonds originates from the exposure to radioactivity and, therefore, the atomic radiation that the stone endured over many years. Even though the green color may be a result of exposure to radioactivity, there’s no need to worry, as holding the stone isn’t dangerous in the […]

What’s the difference between Carat and Karat? in Diamond

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When you’re buying engagement rings, you’ll get to know your carats from your karats. (Unless you go with platinum for your setting, that is.) What does each mean? What’s the difference between 18-karat and 24-karat gold? Carat and karat many sounds the same, but they’re different terms, and it’s vital to understand the difference. Carat […]