All About the Canary Yellow Diamond

Canary Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamonds (also called canary yellow Diamonds and Canary Diamonds) are the foremost common kind of Colored Diamonds. Within the range of rare colored diamonds (only 1 carat out of each 10,000 carats mined may be a natural fancy color diamond). The yellow diamond has gained tremendous popularity due to its beautiful shine and its relatively affordable prices.

Canary Yellow Diamond

Basic Facts about Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are originated everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, the extreme yellow diamonds come mostly from South Africa.

Yellow diamonds are available all shapes (round, oval, cushion cut, Asscher cut, princess cut, etc.) and sizes and in various color intensities. The Intensities go from light yellow to fancy light yellow diamond and the precious canary diamonds. And everyone the way to the gorgeous, rare, and expensive intense yellow diamond and vivid yellow diamond.

Yellow Diamond or Canary Diamond?

Yellow diamonds (like other colored diamonds) often are available unique color combinations. Colors often viewed are brownish-canary diamond, orangy yellow diamond, greenish-yellow diamond, and more. Generally, natural yellow diamonds with secondary hues are worth but pure yellow diamonds. However, like we wish to state about colored diamonds, “Never the same” – each diamond is unique.

The name Canary Diamond or canary yellow Diamond belongs to pure yellow diamonds. Including a powerful shade – meaning pure, intense yellow diamonds. Keep in mind that while almost everyone knows what canary diamond means. The GIA color description would still state fancy yellow within the color description and not canary.

Yellow Diamond Prices

Yellow diamonds, like all-natural colored diamonds, are very rare. On top of that, yellow diamonds are often found with large clarity grading. Both facts have an obvious impact on their pricing. Therewith in mind, the great thing about natural Yellow Diamonds is that they’re considered relatively affordable. When examining the niche of natural colored diamonds.

We will show you a fast view here below, but for more accurate pricing. You’re welcome to look at our Yellow Diamonds collection.

A 1 carat radiant fancy canary diamond with vs2 clarity costs approx: $ 5,000 while an identical 1 carat diamond with SI1 clarity can cost but $4,500. If you select to go for stronger color – meaning intense yellow, the costs for such diamonds would be 30%-50% higher. And if you choose vivid, then the costs can easily be even 100% higher!

Please note that these are general numbers, and at the end, each and each diamond is graded. And evaluated supported many parameters – more than the accepted diamonds 4Cs.

Yellow Diamond Rings & Engagement Rings

Due to their growing popularity of yellow diamonds, more and more brides to be are changing. Their preference from the classic diamond engagement ring to yellow diamond engagement rings – adding a bit touch of NOW to the classics…

The price for canary diamonds rings when buying from the manufacturer should be comprised mainly of the worth of the canary diamond. And a further $500-$1000 for a basic solitaire ring.

Yellow Diamonds as an investment

Due to the financial crisis of 2008, when the markets collapsed, people started investing in gold, and lately, we encounter more and more people that wish to invest in diamonds. Once you believe it, it makes much sense. Unlike gold, you’ll use your diamonds and enjoy them.

It’s nice to understand that the diamond engagement ring you purchased. Your wife has good potential for an increase over the years. It’s something which will be passed to the youngsters. The color of yellow diamonds doesn’t fade over time and that they don’t require special attention of any sort. But the question comes which diamonds are going to be worth buying as an investment…?

Yellow diamonds are relatively more common within the niche of colored diamonds. This can be why we recommend buying something which may be a bit more unique. Fancy Intense Diamonds and Fancy vivid Yellow diamonds seem to be a decent choice. From our experience, diamond investors and diamond collectors usually choose an intense canary diamond.

Famous Yellow Diamond – The incomparable

The most famous yellow diamond is incomparable. The perfect may be a brownish yellow Diamond, and it weighs 407.49 carats. Its carat weight has earned it the title of the third-largest diamond within the world.

Celebrity Yellow Diamonds

Probably the foremost famous is that the Yellow Diamond engagement ring Paris Hilton received from billionaire Paris Latsis. Other popular Canary Diamond Rings are the one Whoopi Goldberg wore an 80-carat canary diamond pendant – worth about 5 Million Dollars. Hillary Clinton saw wearing a 4.23-carat canary diamond ring in on various occasions.

Yellow Diamonds on the Red Carpet

Both Academy Award winners, Natalie Portman and Kate Winslet wore yellow diamonds within the academy awards.

Natalie Portman saw wearing fabulous yellow diamond earrings.

Academy award winner beautiful Kate Winslet had the complete set – a $2.5M yellow diamond necklace alongside 10 carats fancy intense yellow earrings and yellow diamond bracelets.

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