All About Flawless D Diamond

Flawless D Diamond

Well, it’s a new year and we’re celebrating in style; with much gorgeous new jewelry in Guy’s Signature flawless D Diamond Collection!

For ages now we’ve been dying to point out our fresh additions then we thought. What better way to launch our new website than with a number of most exquisite diamonds you’ll see this year?! Yeah, I know, we’re good to you, aren’t we?

Flawless D Diamond

The D Diamond Collection is the latest addition to Guy’s Signature Collection. And showcases some of the world’s finest and most classic diamond cuts. All showed off within the most delicious settings made from the purest metals. From solitaire and princess to marquise cut diamonds, you’ll have trouble deciding which one you love best!

Diamond Are Forever

And the whole purpose of this new collection is to let the brilliance of those exquisite diamonds shine through. Each bit features a specially selected GIA certified ‘D’ color diamond; the simplest you’ll get.

What’s more, these diamonds are an outstanding cut grade, polish quality, and symmetry. I do know I said it before, but basically, these are exceptional diamonds and need to be seen.

Not only are you able to be assured of their exceptional quality, but these diamond’s sparkle. And the color will delight and impress anyone who sees them, especially that very special someone in your life.

The D Diamond Collection

And we thought that since we’re using such exceptional diamonds. We’d like to find an exceptional way of showing them off! That’s why Guy’s latest work is so distinct yet utterly timeless, because of a new collection.

That features hand-crafted, hand-picked diamonds of superior quality, ethically sourced. Then made into gorgeous pieces of stunning jewelry that will be treasured. And wore a day, also as for special events, for the remainder of your life.

Celebrate the Milestones

Anyone of those classically inspired creations is perfect for those extraordinary occasions, like a giant wedding anniversary or life milestone. As an example, this round brilliant diamond and the platinum pendant is the perfect gift for marking a really special 40th or 50th birthday. Or to mention ‘I still love you’ once you reach that special diamond wedding anniversary;

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Or even more perfect for those big anniversary dates is our collection of exquisite eternity rings, which are the perfect way to tell your partner what proportion they still mean to you. Any number of this collection’s exceptionally beautiful eternity rings will let your special girl know that not only are diamonds forever but that your love is just too.

Plus, if you would like to go the additional mile, then the matching pair of princess cut earrings will really hit the spot, making her desire royalty and earning you even bigger kudos to boot;

Wedding Belles

If you’re just at the beginning of your romantic journey together though. And you’re trying to find a homemade and unique engagement ring. Then Guy’s Signature D Diamond Collection remains a creative place to start out. Whatever your taste or style, you’ll overjoy with the standard. And the unique value that these stunning pieces offer for you and your one true love;

Plus, with such a varied range to decide on from. There’s sure to be a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry only for you, despite your budget.

Alternatively, if you’re buying in preparation for the marriage day itself, then why not consider a pair of studs?

They make the foremost wonderful gift for your daughter on her wedding day. Providing both the ‘something new’ and a family heirloom filled with treasured memories. Which may then be passed right down to her children successively.

As an example, these stylish head-turning diamond studs would be an ideal complement to any wedding day jewelry. Despite the design chosen by the bride and groom for his or her wedding rings. And take a well-deserved pride of place amongst your cherished family jewelry collection for decades to come.

About The D Diamond Collection

To curate his Signature Collection, Guy works with specially hand-picked materials to make his own designs, crafting the purest silver, gold, and white gold, with the foremost sparkling and brilliant precious stones, into something that basically is one-of-a-kind.

These high-end pieces of British-made jewelry – comprising notable necklaces, brilliant bracelets, and radiant rings. Simply can’t be bought or found anywhere else apart from at Guy Wakeling Jewellery. So you’re not just buying a bit of jewelry, you’re buying a piece of art.

every single piece in Guy’s Signature Flawless Diamond Collection is formed from the best quality raw materials. All sourced from our top suppliers. Which suggests that you simply not only get a singular piece.

But you also get an exquisitely superior future heirloom that’s still great value for money. And believe us once we say that this jewelry is uncommonly inexpensive; if you wanted quality like this anywhere else, you’d be paying a king’s ransom for it!

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